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Two Ways to Keep Your Church Activities Connected During COVID-19

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Church activities are the heart of any church. Change is always good and lets us create new ways to look at our faith. COVID-19 and quarantine have lead to stressful situations but they have also given us a chance to connect ourselves better with our faith and church activities. Those that could not find time have been given a chance to grow more intimate with their church and devote themselves more.

To be connected means to be joined with others in heart or purpose. It means to be united in pursuit of a common objective. However, this is becoming more harder to achieve in a digital age with people engaging in so many activities that they push church aside. The question now becomes how do we stay connected in this COVID season? Let us introduce church activities during covid for you to connect yourselves to your church.

Reconnecting common church activities and becoming social

It is important to understand you are not alone during these troublesome times. Due to a lack of connection and isolation, loneliness can become a primary cause to not want to engage in any church activities during the pandemic. Reconnecting with those within the church who have disconnected from the life of the church can help introduce them to a better and healthier way of living.

  • Using tools such as social media and meeting apps such as Zoom and Skype, you can help connect church members together. Having online sermons and meetings where people can discuss amongst each other can help them connect back to church activities and ease their burdens by giving them a platform to express themselves and their faith.
  • Creating private Facebook groups where your church members can share tips and information to help each other get through the pandemic better. People can share their daily lives and feel connected with each other. It is important to promote cooperation and interaction so people feel they have a place where they can belong.
  • COVID has caused quite a change in people’s routines and livelihoods. In troubling times, people often look for guidance and This is a good opportunity for your church to step in and help people by providing people with relevant information or giving tips on daily matters. These can range from different meals a family can enjoy, recreational fun church activities for families, church activities for youth, and life tips and updates on how to handle the pandemic. Becoming an icon of assurance helps give people the confidence that there is help available for them to reach out to. This is especially important when you consider that due to the sheer mass of people, it is not easy for everyone to get the assistance and help they need.
  • Fundraisers and helping out those in need is another great way to reconnect people. By bringing light to issues people in their local community can help with, you can raise campaigns and events for distributing food and equipment.
Church Activities For Youth
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Planning church activities

Connecting your church community is great but what really helps boost the spirit are events and activities that everyone can take part in. Whether it is a physical event taking into consideration safety measures or an online event, they are great ways to bring enthusiasm to your community.

  • The church could plan on meeting at a local park or on church property if it has a place for this. Following proper safety precautions, it can become a great relief for people to see their fellow church
  • members and engage in prayers together. This allows lots of families to connect with each other.
  • Sunday school and bible studies are great ways to encourage kids to take part in the church activities. Having online group lectures help kids communicate with each other and have a fun time while taking part in church activities.
  • Drive-in church has become a great way to participate in your Sunday sermons. Churches have resorted to using their parking lots or properties adjacent to their buildings for people to come and congregate while sitting in their cars. Using an AV system or radio broadcast, people can tune in. For those who can’t make it or do not have a car, the congregation is broadcasted through social media, creating an efficient system that helps everyone be united together amongst prayers.

Reconnecting people is important to help them realize that there is a community that will accept them and is ready to listen and support them. With these tips, spread your help as far as you can.

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