The best small
Business Website builder

Your business website should help you find new clients, make it easier for customers to do business with you and be flexible enough that you can make updates fast and easy. As a custom website design agency, Webezoid is the best small business website builder; and, a perfect match for your custom business website.

Payment Options


$ 39
Monthly + $250 Setup Fee
  • Up to 10 Pages Built During Build Out
  • Unlimited Blogs
  • Use Your Own Domain
  • Mobile-Ready
  • SEO-Optimized
  • Ongoing Live Support
  • Real-time Website Statistics
  • Custom Forms & Signups
  • Online Donation Platform
    Powered by Stripe
  • Sell Your Products Online
Best Small Business Website Builder

How Does Subscriptions work?

  1. Choose the subscription option that best suits your needs.
  2. Next, we will send you an email with simple form instructions that will provide us with everything we need to build your website (logo, content, images, colors, etc.).
  3. build your NEW website!
  4. Once complete, we give you admin privileges where you can start adding sermons and time-sensitive items like calendar events, announcements, and make any updates your like!
  5. Enjoy all the benefits listed above. 
  • Business owners looking for the best small business website builder on a budget
  • Business owner that don't have the skill set, knowledge, or TIME to build their own custom website
  • Business owners that need on-going support managing their business website
  • Business owners that need a website that includes everything they need to create lead and keep their customers engaged

There are NO CONTRACTS with Wedezoid! You can cancel at any time. No questions asked. If you want to move your Webezoid website, please see the FAQ above for more information.

Our promise to you is to have your NEW website ready for you to use within 7-14 business days. There are times that we require more time due to customization's. But, we will let you know beforehand. In the end, we know you will be served by the best small business website builder!

With the Standard Plan, we custom build up to 10 pages. After that, you can add any additional pages on your own with our easy to use builder. See a business website example.

All the content on the site that you’ve written and the graphics you have added yourself are your property. The graphics that we have created as well as the layout are ours and cannot be taken with you until a period of 18 months is over. Once 18 months have passed, you may take the website design and any graphics we have created for you and do whatever you want with them. Because we don’t make you sign any long term contracts, it is too easy for people to use our services, take all our work, and then leave soon after. This is our way of protecting ourselves as a custom website builder from this.

No access is given to our servers to download any software that runs the site. It is your responsibility, should you decide to leave, to transfer all content and images into your new site.



Custom Domain
$ 19.99 Per Year
Logo Creation
$ 99 Starting at
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