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Most Effective Blog Ideas For Churches

blog ideas for churches

After creating a church website, you may be looking for blog ideas for churches. It’s a great way to create content and engage with your community. Once you start, you have plenty of ideas and things you want to say but eventually, it can become tiring to come up with new topics week after week. Here’s a list of some great ideas for blog ideas for churches.

Reviews & Recommendations

Nowadays, people always look at reviews before getting a product, starting a service, going to a restaurant, and most things in general. It’s a great idea to review and recommend things that may be handy to your community. Providing a religious perspective to recommendations and reviews is a great way to not only diversify your content but give people a reason to look up your blogs.

You can also provide recommendations for great Christian artists and books. Introduce your readers to new mediums. Whether this is music, a good book, or a podcast, you can promote and help spread awareness of information that is worthwhile.

Blog Ideas For Churches - Faq


People have questions but it’s not always easy to ask them directly. They may not have time themselves or they may not want to disturb you. Responding to emails can also be difficult if you are busy managing a church. A good solution is to open a Q&A answer on your blog. You can ask people to submit questions and answer them all in one go once a week.

Resource Lists & Guides

Resource lists are some of the most helpful content online. People are always looking to get into new activities and hobbies and resource lists are a great place to start. A resource list is a list that details the best sources for starting a specific activity. They act as a guide on how to proceed and source to refer to.

Creating guides can be helpful in guiding people on to a new path. You could create guides on church activities, and even ask your community on topics that they would like to know how to start.

Pastor Blog Ideas For Churches - Series

Pastor Blog Ideas | Create A Weekly Series

Weekly series is a must to retain readership for your website. You can create a series on a specific topic and break it into numerous sub-topics or religion blog topics. A bible study series is a great way to start. You could take a single book in the Bible and create a Bible study series discussing various aspects of it.

Another great form of weekly series is stories. You can write a fictional story and see how people respond to it. You can get your community involved and have story contests where the winner gets to have their plot turned into a weekly series on your website. Poetry and other forms of literature are not an exception, you can host all sorts of community works.

Ministry Posts

Ministry posts can improve communication between the community and ministries. Ministries are an important part of the Church and by helping people understand them, you can create a stronger bond. You can ask ministry group leaders to contribute spiritual blog post ideas. They can help educate the public and show people a side they don’t really have the chance to see more of.

Starting A Church Blog - Kids

Kid Content are Great Blog Ideas for Starting a Church Blog

Don’t focus on a certain demographic. It can be easy to disregard children and teenagers but they make up a majority of online viewership. You can communicate with your youth pastor or a Sunday school teacher to come up with content

they would enjoy. Involve the parents and create content for other parents to read. You can focus on their education by simplifying and explaining different parts.

The best way is to involve them in online activities. You can have them write stories, poems, display their artwork, and share their own personal experiences with the church. Try asking the kids directly from your church family about what interests them and what they would like to do.


Collaborate with other churches and organizations. You can host interviews and discussions with other Christian leaders. You can post transcripts if it’s a video interview. By involving other people, you can expand your community’s point of view and introduce them to interesting people.

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