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Covid-19 pandemic has brought our world upside down wherein every country was affected and that made us stay indoors completely. We were made to forget our outdoor life and possibly do everything which can be done by just staying in the house.

Maybe it was God’s wish and pandemic restrictions that we were forced to stay away from religious places and church buildings too were a part of it. People had to quickly adapt to the digital monastery format and we were forced to be out of our comfort zones but at the same time, it made us realize the church is not about the building but it is all about our inner faith towards God. We are the church.

This situation has given rise to design a church website as it has become a centerpiece of information and only exposure to the church. A church website represents different worship styles, regions, church size, and how easily can a church website connect to the people giving them the freedom to stay indoors and still worship God. 

Webezoid makes a professional, beautiful, and functional website that meets all the needs of the people without any mistakes and hurting the impressions of the visitors. We ensure in making a customized church website that is affordable, has premium features, eye-catching views on the site, and low maintenance fees.

Why is a church website necessary?

Websites are an invaluable communication tool as it is extremely useful to help new people to find the church that increases the growth of the church. It helps the regular attendees and the members to get information about the programs and the events to be held in the church.

Despite enormous possibilities to design a church website; still, it becomes ineffective sometimes hence we need to take care of certain points to make the church website effective as well as useful to the community. While making the church website we need to take care of certain points which are as follows: 

Design A Church Website With An Expert

Characteristics of Designing a Church Website 

  1. Communicate with the right set of audience: Two types of the audience prefer to visit the website with different needs wherein the first set of audience will be of the church members and the attendees while the second group will be of the people who are looking for the information about the church.

Members and attendees visit the website to get detailed information about upcoming events and or specific ministries of the church. While the second set of people will look upon the website to check on the details of the location and the address of the church and what the church believes and practices. Hence it becomes necessary to satisfy the needs of both the set of the people through the website.

  1. Culture and Style of the Church – Every church has its own culture and style which they follow and website visitors will typically insist to get all the details of the church on the website of what they should expect if they are visiting the church for worshipping. 

They will look upon the details of whether it will be formal and traditional or contemporary and informal and with the help of the website it will play an easier role in communicating the church style and culture for all those people who have never attended.

  1. Information and Directories – A website must indicate the list of the scheduled services, address, and the location of the church and make it easier for the website visitor to know when are where to be present to attend the church event. In case if the church provides multiple services and is located at multiple places then make sure to provide detailed information and it shouldn’t be any more than 1 or 2 clicks from the homepage. 

Currently, with the ongoing pandemic, online services too are very important and the website must provide both online as well as offline services and easy access to online services. 

  1. Ministries – Some of the visitors visit the website to find out about the ministries of the church and at times the attendees and the members would be interested to know how they could get involved in the ministries.

People who are new to the church would like to see what the church has to offer and to look after special programs and ministries. Website must ensure that they provide at least basic information on the ministries of the church with the contact details of the in-charge person of the ministry.

  1. Contact Details – Contact details must always be just a click away on the website which includes a phone number and email address. The website should even include a form that can be easily filled out and even the information of the Pastors and the staff can be made available.
  2. Designing – When you design a church website, every website must be designed in such a manner that it is attractive as well as brings more traffic. It must be visually appealing with the design not critical but the information must give a positive impression. The design must be responsive to set the site effectively for smartphone and tablet visitors. 
  3. Meet the need – All the religious places are impacted by the Covid-19 and churches are not behind in the queue. Most of the churches do offer online services whereas some who weren’t in the favor of the online services had to adapt to the changes very quickly due to the pandemic. 

It has become necessary today for the church to highlight the important details online for the visitors to know if in-person services are available and whether the church is following and restrictions and regulations due to coronavirus. 

Design A Church Website With Benefits

Objectives of having a church website

Often people understand that having an online website is to have a quick look at the details of the particular place while sitting in your comfort zone but instead you must know the objective of why you need to build the website and what purpose are you going to serve through it. 

To design a church website you must set an objective for that which includes whether you need to increase your visitors, reach a wide audience, engage more members in the community or do something entirely different. You need to consider the common objectives before making a website that includes: 

  • Increasing the number of visitors every month.
  • Engaging more members during the week.
  • Helping people to worship online.
  • Increasing member attendance.
  • Building an online community with the help of social media presence. 
  • Stay in contact through different mediums such as blog posts, emails, newsletters.
  1. Give your website a purpose – Make a website that is just not like a conversation that doesn’t go anywhere with having a few details and basic but nothing else. 

Instead set up at least six main pages which help to give your website some kind of concrete direction. You need to encourage the visitors to leave their contact details as well as encourage them to worship online and to keep them updated about the upcoming events.

  1. Help your church grow – The clear objective of the website must be the growth of the church and for that, you need to set a goal and focus on the objectives to be achieved which leads to multiple benefits such as: 
  • Bringing more traffic to the website.
  • The number of visitors thanking you for finding this amazing website.
  • An active online community. 
  • Content to be shared regularly that leads the members to share your church details with more people.
  1. Church and website to match – While the church is not considered as a brand but still the marketing rules do apply and for people to recognize you instantly you must focus on certain objectives, principles, tone, feel, and colors to make the website effective the same way like the marketing agency does. Currently, the website must be important across both the channel be it offline or online. 
  2. Engage more members – The general objective of the church website is to engage more members and to provide information to the members throughout the week. With the help of the event page, these details can be broadcast.

You may set an objective to help the members to worship between the services with the help of worship resources such as study guides or scripture reading. You can even create a blog post weekly focusing on faith-related challenges.

  1. Reach the target audience – SEO and keywords play an important role but at the same time to attract more audience you must make sure to provide online worship options so that visitors come back to your site no matter in which part of the world they are located. 

The design of the church website must be in such a manner, you can always add videos, live streaming services, blog posts, audios, and other site content to connect to the online audience making them feel they are included that leading them to worship even if it is online.

Benefits of Church website 

Most of the pastors are using computers at the church while others prefer technology during their sermons but most of these churches do not have websites and this can be a problem as most of the visitors do search online and they make a point to check the website of the place they worship. So it is high time to understand why having a church website is beneficial.

  1. Active and engaged congregation – Website allows easier participation at the church as through that they can explore the serving opportunities at the church, connect with the community, pass on the helpful information to others, and many more.

If the community bulletins, event calendars, volunteer sign-up forms, podcasts, blog posts, recorded sermons, social media links are provided on the website it provides a great opportunity to the members of the congregation for easy participation and keeps them well informed.

  1. Leadership & Programs – Websites even help to present the bios of the pastors and co-pastors, youth pastors, and the staff, and through public will know their background, and their passion before entering the church. It also helps the community to know about the service and programs the church offers. 

This information when made available online will make the congregation members comfortable when they visit the church in person as they will be well aware of what kind of ministry they’ll experience in the church and who will be leading.

  1. Church’s community involvement – The church website helps to display the reach and extent of the ministry and motivates others to be a part of it even if they aren’t a part of a congregation. 

Showcasing the work the church oversees such as afterschool programs, feeding the homeless, highlighting the NPO and community organizations the church works with, special holiday events and programs hosted every year encourages others to be a part of the church. 

  1. Receive digital donations and contributions – Earlier most of the transactions were completed either through cash or card but the pandemic has brought in the change for that too. 

People now prefer to donate their tithings digitally. Church websites must include a link for that so it allows the people to donate when it is convenient for them and with the help of a secure portal payments can be collected digitally. A website can become a central platform and an easier option for the members.

  1. Involvement in Bible study – Bible study is an important feature of the church and when more members are aware of it they are more likely either to show up at the church and sign it for it. Fortunately, if the congregation can access the member directory through the website then you can find more active groups and support from the overall congregation. 

With an online presence, you will be able to see more engagement from the groups and it allows to build an active platform wherein the community members can support each other as well as get involved in the activities.

  1. Self-Service efficiency – Managing and organizing volunteers in the church has been a difficult task to update the day to day activities such as signup on clipboards, paper forms, manually entering details that is when mistakes are bound to happen and certain things often get missed so instead design a church website in such a manner that it becomes easier to access and it is fully automated.

The church website allows to demonstrate the reach and extent of the ministry and inspire others to get involved even if they aren’t members. Any of monthly, annual community programs, fundraising events, parties, galas are held then the website is the great place to promote it along with social media reach.

What do we do

There are 17 million Americans who do not visit the church regularly but often visit a website wherein most of them search church hours, programs to be held, streaming videos, and audio clips. We ensure that all this is within the reach of the people at their fingertips with the help of a website. 

We make sure that managing the website becomes easier with the help of our talented team which showcases the below-mentioned features covered on the website in the best possible way: 

Easy Sermons – Sermons are held every week and keeping the community informed about its website is the best and easiest way to reach the mass. You can just simply add the details of the sermon such as the speaker of the sermon, and the topic of the day without any difficulty or time consumption. 

Live Stream – Live Streaming is the virtual way to make your presence felt and by updating a custom link to the website the community can watch anywhere at their suitable place.

Create Event Fast – Events takes place now and then and with the help of event dashboard you can always add registration link for sign-up, cost, information on the event to be held, cost, and many more related things.

Bible Plan – With this ongoing pandemic many things have changed drastically and it even affected our way of believing in our religion like earlier the Pastor use to say “Turn your Bible to” has now taken place to “ Turn on your Bible” as many people have started using mobile phones, laptops, and computers to read the Bible. We provide a separate plan page for FREE Bible reading wherein members can easily read or listen to today’s reading.

Online Giving – This tool is particularly designed for Evangelical Christian Churches that allow the church’s creative team to deserve the experience of healthy growth and profound engagement with the members.

Church Center – This tool allows having a single place to find the most important information of the events which will be held during the week with the help of ‘Next Step’ for the church.

Why choose us?

Webezoid ensures that the website is well-designed as well as effective and can significantly help reach more people. We design a church website with “church” in mind! With the current scenario, people would look upon visiting the website before visiting the church and the website acts as the front door to the church. 

We specialize in church websites that can have a maximum reach creating a dramatic effect and helping to convey the personality of the church to the people. With Webezoid you are guaranteed to get the best outcome of the website with minimum funding and the best features. 

We believe in giving away the best and affordable church website at unbelievable prices with our core team being always responsive and creating content that will naturally adjust to any device be it laptop, phones, or computers. We make SEO friendly website by increasing the site’s engagement, traffic, and conversions. Our out-of-the-box services include tracking of google analytics and Facebook pixels.

We help in building a one-pager or a thousand pager website as per your requirement. Our system is to build local websites all over the world and even simple landing pages so the growth of your website is unlimited.

We believe in keeping the masses up to date with the help of our team about the church activities. In addition to saving a generous amount of time and money, communication becomes much easier and quicker as it is done in real-time on the website.

Life Of A Christian Missionary As We Design A Church Website

How we work

Webezoid believes in maintaining our standard and at the same time preparing an affordable church website with the best features available in the market with 3 steps:

  1. Easy Starting – We have the plans to choose as per your need and requirement. Our team will then collect the information to design a church website, design you require, type of the website, color, fonts, and size so that our efficient team can work putting the best foot forward.
  2. Quick Process – We promise timely delivery and assure that the website is ready within 14 business days. Our team ensures to utilize the maximum resources and give the best product to the client wherein they are satisfied with our work.
  3. Happy Ending – Pandemic has changed the way of living and we agree that everything around us has changed drastically wherein our places of worship too have gone digital and made an online presence. People have accepted this easier and virtual way of worship and we make sure to make this online worshipping the best one for our clients as well as worshippers.

For all those who have not got into this, it is high time to design a church website with Webezoid and go digital while promoting virtual worshipping and connecting with the congregation and community with helpful information and promotion through social media.

Benefits of using church websites to invite people to church

In today’s world of ever-increasing technology and greater involvement of the internet in our lives, it is crucial to design a church website in your effort to communicate and spread your message. According to research done by the CRCNA (Christian Reformed Church in North America) over 60% of church-goers said that a church’s website is important in facilitating their participation at church.

Design A Church Website

Having a website allows people to explore serving opportunities at church, connect with their congregation and community, find and deliver helpful information to others, and much more. It was found that about 96% of pastors use computers at church and many use technologies during their sermons, but very few have a website available to the public for their church. Millions of Christians search and browse the internet and by not having a website for your church, a large potential that can be targeted is missed out.

So what can church website provide to the public?

So what can church website provide to the public and how can you use that to invite people to church? For starters, when you design a church website, it allows for a convenient way to alert your community about upcoming events and programs. Instead of relying on traditional means such as handing out posters and mailing calendars and bulletins to your community, you can post all information on your website and share it.

It is extremely convenient to be able to change events on short notice, being able to easily update calendar and program information last-minute in case something happens. People can also sign up for events and programs online at their own convenience, which will be much easier to organize and track. Everyone can be able to go at their convenience and are always in the know about what’s going at your church.

Bible Shot For Design A Church Website
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So what can your web design provide to the public?

A web design is also a great way to spread your message to the world, to everyone from those who are interested but undecided to unchurched folk. Every organization has a mission and churches have a brilliant, life-changing mission. Let people know why you exist and what you are on about. Your website can become a platform to communicate your mission boldly on the internet. Visiting anywhere new can be daunting and difficult.

Church websites can help ease visitors into your church – explaining what to expect and helping people feel comfortable before they arrive. With multiple tools such as maps and calendars, it can become a breeze for people to get directions and timings so they are always in the loop.

Providing pictures and videos is another great way to show people what to expect from your church. Being able to share sermons and pictures of events and community programs allows people to see what its like to belong to such a community. Uploading sermons to your website also helps regular attendees catch up on missed weeks, or listen again to sermons they enjoyed. A picture speaks a thousand words and a website can be used to spread the word everywhere. The world is changing every moment so why not get a website and embrace the change.

We are here to help you design a church website! Sign up TODAY.

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