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How to Increase Tithing in Church

How to increase tithing in church

Pastors are asking how to increase tithing in church? No business can run on faith alone. Money is vital to not only be stable but expand one’s reach. There are many sides to money which is why it is addressed in the Bible numerous times – with sources stating there are over 2,000 verses that talk about money. From investing to making financial decisions, the Bible contains many verses on these ideas. But despite understanding the role of money in an organization such as the Church, it was found that only 15% of Christians actually tithe.  

A Church exists for the community and without their help, it’s not easy for it to stay afloat. Tithes and offerings are important to upkeep and maintain the church. Forcefully asking for donations or creating pressure on how the Church is dependent on donations is never good. Everyone may have their personal issues and reasons for not being able to donate, so encouraging church members to give is important for any church. We have come up with some tips on how to encourage members to tithe.

How To Increase Tithing In Church - Tithing

Educate and explain the importance of giving offering in church 

It’s important to recognize that not everyone is on the same level of faith as each other. Not everyone feels the devotion and intensity that you may expect or some of your regulars do. It’s a great idea to educate the congregation about the importance of giving offering in church. 

By sharing how much it means to give and how Christ himself gave so much, you can touch their hearts and make them understand. By showing God’s heart behind giving and going through scriptures, you can help make a difference for somebody who is uncertain about tithing. By teaching how giving is an act of worship in itself and a response to who God is, they can understand better what it means to give and tithe.

How To Increase Tithing In Church - Transparency

Transparency on funds helps create a deeper trust

Trust is the biggest factor in a relationship between an organization and its members. With so many incidents and stories coming out on misuse of funds, it’s no secret that people are more wary when it comes to donating money. This is why transparency is so important. By being open about your goals and where you will allocate the funds, people can start to garner a deeper sense of trust.

Be open about the campaigns and how you intend to use the tithes and donations. Outline projects that you wish to start and share them with the public to start gathering interest. Whether it’s a campaign to feed the homeless or start a new outreach ministry, sharing details is a great way for people to understand what they are contributing to. Even if the money is going to a mundane activity such as paying bills, doing maintenance, or constructing a new building, always be upfront with your community. When the congregation sees a mission they are passionate about, it can help spark generosity in their hearts. When they understand how their gift will make a difference in the community, they are more likely to get behind it. 

Words of Encouragement for Tithes and Offering | Inspire through Success Stories

Inspire your community by sharing the stories of others. Sometimes, people need an actual example in front of their eyes to understand. Try sharing the achievements of other churches or what other people have managed to accomplish. You can share a personal story with someone else about a victory that you’ve achieved. By showing people a living example of you could inspire them to a similar cause and begin encouraging church members to give.

Call To Tithing - Online Giving

Convenience is key in a call to tithing

Nowadays, most people don’t carry cash or use cheques. Even credit cards are becoming obsolete to some degree with people simply using their phones to pay! To such people, seeing an offering plate may be more of a nuisance even if they wish to give. It’s important to provide your community with various venues for being able to give. By using a mobile app or a website, you can easily create payment options that allow people to give with just a tap. Try extending the idea to allow people to schedule payments and allow them to give any day of the week rather than restricting it to Sunday. By making giving convenient, you can increase the number of people who wish to donate.

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