How to Write a Blog Post

How to write a blog post

How to write a blog post for beginners? Writing a blog can seem daunting if you are a beginner but can also become one of the most fun things to do. Many people struggle with writing blogs because they believe all they do is to write. However, blogging is a skill in itself and involves a multitude of things to consider apart from having good writing skills. There are lots of cases of people being great writers but not so great at blogging. There are a lot of other factors that contribute to making your blog post a success from understanding your targeted audience to the best time to post your content and the use of multimedia tools. If you are already feeling as if this might be more than you bargained for, no need to worry because we are ready to give you all the best tips needed to create a successful blog.

How to write a blog post?Niches and demographics

The first step to writing your blog is to decide your niche. You have to consider what sort of topics you wish to write about, what type of tone you wish to use, whether you want to be informational or opinionated. The second thing to consider is your demographic. What type of audience do you wish to have your blog written by. Teenagers and the elderly are two different demographics and their thought processes are very different. The preferences and opinions of one group may be hard to understand by another so you need to decide who you are writing for. You’ll need to find out what your followers want to know and read about, so your post will continue to get traffic after it’s published.

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How to write a blog post? – Research is key

Once you have planned out your content and audience, research is the next step to consider. Look up and research competitor blogs based on the same topics as you. Don’t worry if you think your blog might be too obscure, we can guarantee that a blog exists on your topic. The important thing to understand is that do not feel disheartened if you feel as if their quality and writing exceeds yours. By keeping yourself in the loop, you will be able to understand what people wish to read and popular trends that are rising or falling.

How to write a blog post? – Blog writing format

Writing is not a skill you master out of nowhere nor is it a magical thing that just hits you and you know what to write. Writing involves planning and drafting to create a piece that can be understood and appreciated. While you do your research keep a notebook handy or a document open where you can take down the important points and outline your topic.

After creating an outline, it is time to write your first draft. The first draft is never the final piece so don’t worry if things feel out of place or your grammar isn’t perfect. The first draft is to help you create a structure of your thoughts. After creating it, it is time to read it and rewrite the places you wish to. Through outlining and drafting, you will slowly understand how to write better and realize your strengths and weaknesses. Nothing hooks a reader better than a good opening because if your introduction is boring, people wouldn’t bother to read the rest. This is a great way to grab your readers’ attention, and they’ll want to read it till the end in the hope of finding the solution.

How To Write A Blog For Beginners
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How to write a blog post? – Have your personality shine through

No one likes reading a bland piece that has no excitement in it. Readers care just as much if not more about the writer than they do on the topic. You shouldn’t overlook the style and tone of your writing. Both these elements can make a big difference. One of the most popular styles of writing is to write like you’re talking to your reader, this makes them feel like they’re having a conversation with someone, rather than just reading a post.

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