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Why Webezoid is the right option for your custom church website

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Websites have become necessary tools to spread your message and promote your ministry. With the effect COVID had on us, this viewpoint has only been further strengthened. A lot of pastors are in agreement that websites are a great investment and offer a variety of benefits for the community and the church itself. 

Now with all this said, you may be wondering how to go about making one, well they are a variety of tools and guides out there to help you. What we recommend is to use a custom church website builder, they are easy to use and understand and cut a lot of the hassle out – and that brings us to Webezoid.

Custom Church Website

Webezoid is a custom church website creator to help you create your ideal website. They are made of pastors, worship leaders, and missionaries who understand what it means to run a church and can truly understand how to create a successful church website. One of Webezoid’s greatest qualities is their relationship between themselves and their clients. They provide amazing service and support due to their desire to help others and spread the beautiful Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Their mission is to create fresh and modern web solutions for churches, not-for-profit organizations, and ministries and give back to those who need support the most. They want to support families in need which is why 100% of the profits from the company go to support the A Puerto Rican Dream Mission.

So what custom church website features do Webezoid provide on their platform?

They provide a variety of great features that are essential to running a church website that you won’t find on any other custom website builder. They have custom tools created to help out ministries on their websites. Let’s have a quick rundown of the features they offer.

Affordable Church Websites Live Stream For A Custom Church Website

The Church Center is the central hub of the website. It’s a single place to display the most important information your members will need to know. From a welcome booth to multiple stations for volunteers and members, it is a compact way to present everything.

Podcasts and sermons have their dedicated space where members can access all your recorded content in an organized manner. All you have to do is upload your files and Webezoid takes care of the rest.

Online giving is implemented in the websites. A simple dashboard is present for members to use to donate and you get in-depth reports and statistics on your donations.

Webezoid provides a free bible reading plan page where your members can visit and easily read or listen to today’s reading. 

These are just some of the great features Webezoid provides its clients to create a fulfilling and engaging website. Apart from providing information, Webezoid helps you with live streaming and blogging as alternative sources of content. They help with setting up your website to improve or start a live stream. You can provide custom links to the live streams and promote them on your website.

Blogging helps you reach your audience faster and Webezoid has their own blog creator for you. With each post you make, your church’s name is will appear more in search engines and more people will come to know about your platform. A church blog strategy is crucial to gaining new viewers and increasing your name. 

Webezoid also provides its clients with a wide library of stock images to use. It can be hard to obtain legal images to use so Webezoid makes sure to give you everything you need. You can use any or their photos or clips or uplaod your own media to use.

Webeszoid believes in helping the church community and nowadays are working with local churches in Puerto Rico to serve young families struggling in the areas of addiction and abuse. Their mission is to create a community center in the city of Arecibo, introduce broken families to a community of support, and offer free resources and services that address their needs in the areas of poverty, addiction, and abuse.

If you are looking for a custom website platform for your church, then there is no better choice than Webezoid.

Ready For Webezoid to Build Your Custom Website?

We are ready to help you build a website that will represent you well, accomplish your goals, and connect you with your community.

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