Tips for Writing Engaging Church Emails

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Communication is key and for churches, that extends to every channel, including church emails, they use to speak to members. It’s important to always learn to improve yourself and stay in touch with today’s world to effectively communicate and ensure that your and your message has been reached properly. Emails are a great way to communicate so let’s take a look at some tips to write engaging emails.

Church Emails Tip 1: Effective church emails should be sent from a real person

Humans connect more strongly with other humans than they do with brands or organizations. Personalizing your emails creates a sense of community and friendliness. So try writing your effective church emails as if you were having a personal conversation. Because that more closely resembles how we communicate to our churches in real life.

Church Emails Tip 2: Avoid putting too many graphics

Nowadays, it’s very trendy to include graphics and images to create a stylized email. However since the style is so popular, it can feel very inorganic and brand-like. It’s a good idea to try and include a small amount of graphics and focus more on your words. Plain text emails feel personal. Emails filled with fancy formatting and graphics feel promotional.

The Perfect Church Emails

Church Emails Tip 3: Best church emails don’t lose focus of your message

It’s important to not overload an email with the information. If you want your emails to be effective church emails, your emails should be direct and easily understandable. Focus on the main key point and don’t try to deviate too much into other matters. Keep the message short and precise and don’t go into too many details that will cause the people to forget what the aim was in the first place. The fewer topics you cover, the more effective your emails will be. Ideally, each email you send would contain just one item. Try to include the fewest items possible to increase effectiveness.

Church Emails Tip 4: P.S. is powerful

The harsh reality of emails is that despite all the effort you may put into creating one, it may not be read properly. Think about how many emails you get daily and consider how many of them do you take the time to read and read properly. More often than not, you are probably just skimming it to see what it’s about and then proceed to another one or about your day.

According to Kate Goldstone who conducted a marketing study in 2016, 79% of people, regardless of everything, always read one thing in particular, the postscript better known as p.s. The P.S. portion is often the most clicked on an email. As it is at the end of the email, even people who skim or just take a quick look will indefinitely read it at the end so it is very important to not forget about it.

So how should you use the P.S. portion of your email? Here are a few ways:

  • Use it to restate and reinforce the main message of the email
  • Don’t use the P.S. section of your email to introduce a different topic or talk about something new
  • Any link you want your readers to click on? Include it once more in the P.S. section
  • If you are looking for a response, it’s a good idea to let people know once more in the P.S. section

Church Emails Tip 5: Introduction to A/B testing

To a lot of people, you may have never heard of this term before. But it is a very important and useful tool in determining the effectiveness of your emails. An A/B test involves testing two different groups with different samples and comparing the results. Church email communication is one of the easiest platforms to conduct A/B testing. You can try out different styles of church email templates and see which style garners a greater response. Maybe despite a graphics-heavy email being seen as corporate, it may draw more attention as opposed to a personalized plain text email. Communication varies depending on your community and their outlooks, so it is important to test and determine the best way to communicate with them.

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