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When determining which website builder is best, our features make Webezoid your #1 choice!

Church Website Builder

Podcasting & Sermons

Each of our church websites showcase your weekly sermons in one place. Having sermons as part of your website design means your church members can access past sermons more easily. It can also help you to grow your website traffic.

Online Giving

Convenient Giving encourages first time givers and allows faithful givers to give more regularly. Help your church to change lives. Make giving meaningful, simple, and fast. In-depth reports. Daily deposits. Powered my Stripe.

Which Website Builder Is Best

Church Center

Create a ‘Next Steps’ hub for your church with a Church Center! A single place to send your members to find the most important information they need to know about for that week.

Announcements / Events

We’re becoming more and more digital with the passing of each year. The go to source for information these days is the Internet, so publish your events on your website. Be sure to include location and times.

Church Website Builder
Church Website Builder

Live Stream

We help with setup to your website design to enhance or start a LIVE STREAM. Send your community a simple custom link to watch your service from anywhere. 

Bible Plan

As a pastor, you’ve probably started saying “Turn on your Bible” instead of “Turn your Bible to” more often. With so many people using their phones and computers to read the Bible, we have made available a FREE Bible reading plan page where your members can visit and easily read or listen today’s reading. 

Online Church Services
Church Website Builder


Blogging helps you reach your audience faster. With each post, search engines have more content to index, meaning more chances to connect with people worldwide and locally.

Creating a church blog strategy is the first step to having a blog that does your church proud. Even if you’ve never blogged before, your church can do this.

Stock Photo Library

Our church websites can find the right images and videos effortlessly by simply browsing through different categories inside My Drive within the Webezoid Website builder. All pictures can be used on your website for free. Simply double click on any photo or video to add it to your website design or upload your own media within seconds.

Church Website Builder
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