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Why Free Church Websites Rarely Work Out

free church websites

Free church websites can be difficult to build and manage if you don’t know what you are doing or have no experience. That is why people look to website companies that provide them with simplistic builders that handle the complicated stuff for them. Easy to use and you have a happy customer. 

It is also no surprise that these websites offer basic plans for free and allow you to pay more for added features. 

Everyone enjoys things for free but they may not always be the best thing for you. When we talk about the church and ministries, there have been a few free church website platforms over the years however they have ended shutting down. Let’s take a closer look at what problems are faced by church website companies offering free models in comparison to those that require membership.

Free Church Websites

 Commitment and Appeal

 While other website companies can offer free models, they also have a wide reach as their websites are built for a plethora of reasons and uses. Church websites already have the disadvantage of having a smaller demographic, but people also may see the others as a cheaper alternative.

Paying for a membership assures that the person is interested in the long-term. There can be circumstances and people may not be able to afford hence they go to a free model, but if they do pay, you understand that the person willing is willing to do more.

A financial commitment helps both parties stay dedicated to their goals. The company will want to impress and keep their customer and the user will be interested in using their service. A free model tends to not have this bond and there are plenty of cases of people who make a church website and abandon it after not seeing any results in the first two weeks


Free Church Websites

Services and tools catered for your needs

Most free website creators come with a basic drag-and-drop editor and lock the rest behind a paywall. While this is to be expected, the difference between a normal website and a church website is that the tools provided in one of them are catered to making a church website in comparison to a set of generic tools.

A church website is significantly different than business websites, the primary market of these companies. A church website company will not only provide tools created to help you make your ministry website but their service is also dedicated to helping you. 

Dedicated support and assistance with free church websites

People often undervalue how much good support and assistance can do. Most people don’t have good things to say about support, whether it’s the internet provider or bank, support can get really annoying to deal with, so people naturally don’t think much of it.

When we look at the website companies, most free models do not come with any support, and if they do, you’ll probably get a very unsatisfactory experience. People would much rather scroll through the internet, looking for some solution than try to consult someone who’s experienced because they dread how much trouble it will be to get someone on support and then explain the problem. And this problem doesn’t go away even if you pay for a high membership, because there are thousands of other people on support as well.

When you look at church website companies, in particular, there are two big advantages. The first is that the church website companies do not tackle the same load as a normal website builder. You can easily ask for support and they will always be on the line to help you. A smaller demographic means they can concentrate and help you out. Not to mention, a church website is going to not only support your message but be more dedicated to helping you out.

The difficulty is up to you

At the end of the day, you can make a website by yourself whichever way you want. All paths lead down to the same destination, it’s just a matter of what you want. You will face more difficulty with free church websites but it is manageable. For those not tech-savvy, a membership-based website builder will help ease your troubles and teach you along the way.

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