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The Ultimate Guide for Creating a Captivating Church Logo Design

Using Church Graphic Design to create your Church Logo Design

How to Create the Perfect Church Logo Design

There is nothing more important to the Church than your devotion and love. While this is true, the reality is that regardless of the organization including churches, branding is one of the biggest factors in getting your name known and spreading awareness. Your steadfast commitments, hard work, and devotion can very easily go unrecognized if people are not aware of it. To make your church stand out and spread your message effectively, a clear, concise church logo design is extremely important.

Church Logos For A Church Logo Design

The importance of branding

Church branding may seem like the least important part of spreading the gospel, but good branding is extremely effective for communicating your message. Unlike businesses, a church does not sell services or products. The reason people flock to a church and its congregation is for its faith, impact in the community, and the desire to want to be part of something greater than themselves. People want to feel welcome and at ease, they want to feel as if this place is right for them. Your branding should help create this image, an image that communicates why you’re the right place for spiritual support.

A good church logo goes a long way. It is a great way to grab attention online and offline. A symbol represents an organization, it displays its characters and is designed to visually display a message. Symbols help boost recognition and display your values and vision as a church. A strong logo helps communicate to the public what your organization is about. If you can understand the importance of the logo but don’t know where to start, we will guide you through everything you need, and by the end of it, you will have a splendid logo that shows off your church.

Understand what you stand for

A logo comes from understanding. Companies invest thousands into creating logos and icons that will be recognizable for ages to come. Take a look at Google or Amazon. Google had its first-ever server at Stanford University. To prevent it from being damaged, they made a case out of lego blocks and covered the server with it. The color of the google logo comes from the color of the lego blocks. The Amazon logo is an extremely simple logo and while the arrow may just look like a smile it actually points from a to z. This represents that Amazon sells everything from a to z.

Logos are more than just a fancy design. They carry out a company’s message and beliefs. Every church has a mission, and it determines where you focus your efforts. It’s important to recognize the things that matter the most to you. What are the founding principles of your church? What ideas do you hope to instill in your members? How do you put your faith into action? These are the questions that need to be answered to determine what you wish to convey with your church’s logo. If you can manage to sum up your church’s mission in a single phrase, you are at the starting point.


There was a time where creating a logo was enough. However, the internet has changed a lot of things. Creating a logo has now become much more research-orientated than you might think. There are countless churches out there, how do you make a logo that stands from the rest. The answer is research. You need to analyze and learn the latest trends. Should your logo convey a story like Google’s or should it display the company message like Amazon’s? The logo must be responsive and be prominent on all devices, smartphones, tablets, and computers. What are other church logos like? You need to research other churches, understand what makes a logo effective. A message and identity are important but if your logo is not effective at communicating them, there is very little point. The internet has caused a lot of competition amongst organizations, research is vital to standing out and having your church seen.

Planning Your Church logos and Church Logo Design

Brainstorming a design

 So we have managed to create our church’s identity and we have researched trends and points to consider. The next step is to create your logo. There are multiple ways to go about this. You can work with a graphic designer, attempt to create your own by hand, or use the countless logo services that help you create one. Once you have decided on your method, it’s time to brainstorm a design.


This involves playing around with your organization’s initials. You can shape them in various forms, try shortening or rotating them. You can write out your organization’s name in a fancy font and much more. Make sure your font matches the overall tone of the design. Different fonts give off different impressions, so it’s important to select a font that aligns with your message. Serif fonts complement many traditionally styled designs, creating a look of heritage and antiquity. Sans serif fonts are often better suited for minimalist and geometric logos. Abbreviate your message into a single phrase and use it as a motto or tagline. The main aspect is to focus on the text.


Symbolism is at the root of Christianity, and it should play a role in your church logo. You can choose symbols that instantly identify you as a church. Icons can be very powerful and evoke feelings in others. They can represent one’s lifestyle, culture, and beliefs. An icon also conveys a message so you should keep that in mind. For Christianity, there are countless examples, the cross or a crown of thorns represents sacrifice, doves symbolize peace, and an ichthys taps into your belief in miracles. Try to utilize symbols in a creative way, simply displaying them can be seen as bland or cliche. You should also recognize that the symbol should be in tune with your message.

Simple Church Logos And Church Logo Design


One of the biggest trends in our world is minimalism. Logos are designed with a simplistic outlook, rendering a clean and sleek look. You can say a variety of brands have changed their logo, making them more minimalistic. Avoid cluttering your logo with too much text or things. By adding too much information, your logo can seem like a mess and no one will understand what you are trying to say. A minimalistic logo also can go with any sort of design, making them very adaptable. and flexible. This can be very advantageous if you decide to change your website design, as the logo will usually end up matching everything.

Learning graphic design

Graphic design plays a huge role in logo creation. Whether you are lettering or going minimalistic, you will need some graphic design software and knowledge. Creating the perfect blend of colors and shading, styling and all, can be hard for a beginner. Luckily, there are countless guides and courses, even specifically for church graphic design. You can find dedicated websites that create church logos and designers who specialize in designing for churches like Webezoid. The world has expanded and there are services catering for everything, so it’s time to take advantage of them and learn some new skills. Check out our simple and affordable church graphic design option to create your church logo for only $99!

Refine and revise

Your first logo will never be perfect. It can take countless iterations to come up with one that you feel is perfect. Feedback from others is extremely valuable. When you are focused, it’s very easy to overlook errors and mistakes. Obtaining critique from others, your congregation members, and your family can help show a new perspective. They can even give new inspirations that lead to a better logo! Try consulting any artists you know for their perspective. The more types of perspective you can get, the more things you can see. It’s important to realize not everyone is right and conflicts in designs can occur but working together will help show you the way. After all, the logo isn’t for yourself, it’s for your church, for your congregation, and for people to feel enlightened and inspired by.

The Perfect Church Logo Design And Church Graphic Design

A  Great Church Logo Design

There is no set way to create a perfect church logo. Branding power, popularity, these things can’t be calculated. To create a truly great logo, it’s important to understand your goals and desires, to create something that can passionately display your message. Maybe all of this sounds overwhelming, it must be for those who haven’t attempted graphic design at all. Don’t feel as if you have to create something amazing, just focus on creating something you can be proud of. 

Webezoid is a great option  to help you create your church logo and church graphic design. Over the years, we have created countless church logos from simple to complex. All our church logos start at $99. As we have shown you in this article, you can achieve your own church logo design. But, we understand many pastors and church leaders simply don’t have the time or skill when it comes to church logos. That’s where Webezoid extends a hand. When you are ready, we’re here!

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